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The TennisMat is the worlds best visual tennis training tool for all strokes, with endless uses to take your game to the next level.


Everyone is looking for an edge over their opponent . Do not be left out and look no further than the The TennisMat. The TennisMat will take any normal training session or point play scenario, and make it more effective. Gone are the days of practicing without a purpose and hitting countless hours of shots with no feedback. Clear visual target goals with immediate visual and sound feedback from the TennisMat makes it the perfect training tool for ALL LEVELS and ALL AGES! You can use the TennisMat in live ball hitting sessions or when a coach is feeding you balls!



The TennisMat is the worlds most versatile visual tennis training tool. Learn to hit the ball deeper with more consistency. After practicing with the TennisMat, the court will feel ten times bigger!

The TennisMat comes with two specially designed yellow, lightweight, waterproof, durable mats that can be used in many ways in training on the tennis court. The TennisMat works by allowing you to block out sections of the court to make target zones to hit over, working on one of the most important things in tennis: DEPTH, or use the TennisMat as the actual target zone to hit on. The TennisMat is designed to work on any tennis court, indoors, outdoors, hard court, clay court, or any other type of surface. The TennisMat is a multi-functional, upgraded visual tool, and works better than placing lines or cones on the court as the TennisMat visually blocks out sections of the court and creates a "no-hit zones". You will be amazed with how training with the TennisMat will sharpen your focus, and change how you see and feel the court! 

Hit over the TennisMat to work on hitting with depth on all shots. If your shot lands on the TennisMat, the impact will make a different sound so that you know you hit the mat, and the ball will also skid more, making the ball almost unplayable. For the price of getting your racket strung two or three times you can own the TennisMat and practice every shot in the game with a purpose every time you step onto the court! Click below to learn more and to see examples of how to use the TM.


Parker S.  California, USA

I use The Tennis Mat for my 14 and under group at our club daily. We have all six courts going at once! It really motivates my players and turns any repetitious "boring" drill into a fun and exciting one!


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